Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

Posted on : July 2, 2015, By: Jeannine Padula Goche
New York Real Estate Lawyer

real estate lawyer Jeannine Padula GocheBuying a new home is, for many, the single most important purchase they will ever make, and yet surprisingly, real estate attorneys frequently hear this question: “Do I really need a home inspection’? The answer is a resounding yes!

A home inspection should never be waived, since ultimately, the burden falls upon you, the buyer, to inspect the property BEFORE purchasing it. Too often, eager buyers can be persuaded to waive just about anything if it means getting the home they want, even something as critical as the home inspection.

Unless you are purchasing brand new construction (and even then), the home inspection can save you from financial disaster caused by defects and other hidden issues that only a trained inspector can see. Your inspector can discover problems or concerns relating to the major systems (plumbing, heating and electric), as well as wet and dry rot, mold, asbestos, termite damage, leaking roofs, foundation issues and the list goes on and on.

Your inspection will also give you information regarding the useful life of your appliances as well as the actual age of items such as the water heater and A/C; this often differs from what has been reported to you by the sellers and/or their agents. The inspector will advise you regarding the overall structural integrity of the property and the life span of items such as the roof, saving you enormous amounts of money down the road!

Without a licensed inspector viewing the property, you have lost the ability to request certain repairs as part of the contract of sale. Remember, a buyer who has waived the inspection will not have the benefit of knowing what repairs and costs they may be facing down the road, a critical ingredient to your financial planning. Indeed, your home inspector can identify future problems that may not develop for two, three or five years going forward.

Remember that an experienced Westchester real estate attorney will NEVER let you sign a contract without first confirming that you have had the property inspected by an experienced licensed independent home inspector. If you have any questions, call our office for a free telephone consultation.

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